Braided thermoplastic composites

Our highly-automated production facility combines materials such as carbon, glass, aramid, and basalt fibres with a thermoplastic, to produce an advanced composite which is stiffer and stronger than steel and up to 60% lighter.

Our composites are also significantly cheaper, mechanically superior and more sustainable than traditional composites. We can produce up to 100,000 parts each year at a cost similar to traditional manufacturing.

We work with a variety of companies, from small innovative manufacturers to major multinational OEMs, and offer a range of services that are tailored to your requirements.

End product manufacturing

Whatever your industry, if you need sustainable and lightweight structural components at great prices, we can help. Here are some examples. We can also manufacture high-touch items with embedded antimicrobial properties.



  • Vehicle: frames, seat frames, stacks, racks, grab poles
  • Infrastructure: lighting and communications masts, bridges, catenary equipment
  • Our rail innovations have won some prestigious awards.


  • Frames, masts, rails and poles.


  • Bikes: frames, handlebars, wheels
  • Ball sports: sticks and racquets
  • Water sports: paddle shafts


  • Piles, structural beams, spreader beams

These are just a few examples, so if there’s something else you have in mind, please get in touch to see how we can help.

Preform braiding

If you prefer to process the products yourself, we can provide you with a preform material. This can be just the braided fibre (‘dry’), or fibre that’s been braided with a thermoplastic matrix.

We can braid with a range of resins and fibres — resins such as PP, PA6, PET, PEI and PEEK; and fibres like carbon, glass, basalt, silicon carbide, aramid and flax. If you have a specific material you would like to use, please ask.

Bespoke service

Often, our clients need a service that falls somewhere between end product manufacturing and preform braiding. They might have certain manufacturing capabilities in-house but can see an area of the process where we could add value.

If that sounds like you, drop us a line and let’s start a conversation.

License and collaboration

You can license our technology to use within your own facility and we can help you get everything set up and working well. Contact us to find out more.

Or perhaps you’re interested in collaborating with us on a materials development or R&D project? We work regularly with partners and have a track record of securing project funding, including five Innovate UK loans and grants, four Niche Vehicle Network grants, and an Advanced Propulsion Centre grant.

You can see some of our R&D projects in our Projects section. Or if you have an idea for a potential collaboration, please contact us; we’re all ears.

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Our technology has been recognised as world-leading. Working with a consortium of other manufacturing companies, we won two global innovation awards for the design of a very light rail carriage:

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